4 Tips for Driving Safety

Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of serious injuries and fatalities, whether they are work-related or not work-related.  Following the rules of the road and being a conscientious driver can help to reduce the number of these injuries and deaths.  I will cover four tips for driving safety. Driving Safety

Training and Traffic Laws

Driver training is essential for learning good habits and safety techniques.  It is easy to take driving for granted and forget that it can be a dangerous activity.  Always follow traffic laws, including speed limits, obeying traffic lights, and signaling when changing lanes or turning.  Avoid distractions such as using the phone, eating, drinking, and even adjusting the radio or GPS while moving.  Never drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


If you are carrying heavy loads in a truck or trailer or strapping items to the top of your car, do so carefully.  Ensure that your cargo is tied down completely and tightly.  Consider how your speed or the wind may impact your cargo.  Even the smallest object hitting a moving vehicle can be fatal.  Be sure you don’t add to this danger.


Be sure to keep your vehicle in a safe and working condition.  Do a walk-around inspection before leaving to ensure there is nothing blocking your path.  Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance to prevent breakdown.  Get regular oil changes, tire rotations, and any other routine maintenance.  Make sure that your windows are clean, and there is nothing obstructing your view.


Never drive while tired.  Driving when you are tired is similar to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Your decision-making is impaired, and you may take risks you normally wouldn’t.  Be alert to situations that might require quick action.  If you are driving on a long trip, be sure to stop at least every 2 hours to stretch and take a break to get refreshed.

Remember, you are taking your own life in your hands as well as the lives of others.  Be a safe, courteous, and respectful driver.

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Amber Hebert

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