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Avetta certification, often referred to as Avetta compliance, is a process that businesses undergo to become a part of the Avetta network, a supply chain risk management service. This service connects organizations with safe, reliable contractors and suppliers, bridging relationships between clients and suppliers.

Compliance with Avetta can be a significant endeavor, but it can also open up new business opportunities and enhance your company’s reputation for reliability and safety.

Our goal is to help ease your burden of becoming compliant with Avetta. We get the job done with a dedicated support team combined with our state-of-the-art safety software, keeping our service completely white glove.

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Steps We Take to Get You Compliant

  • Let’s Get Started: The first step is to grant our team access to your account. This allows us to assess what steps we’re going to take to get you certified and ready to go.
  • Next, Data Submission: We’re going to help you identify and understand the specific compliance requirements of your clients, which may vary based on the industry and services provided. We ensure you meet these standards by gathering the necessary documentation and implementing the required protocols. Often, all of this information can be gathered during onboarding.
  • Documents, Documents, Documents: Next, we complete all relevant assessments and questionnaires in Avetta and gather and submit all your certificates of insurance. We also provide and submit all required safety policies and training documents. We guarantee that our extensive library of 400+ safety topics has everything you need to get compliant fast.
  • Finally, Monitoring and Updating: After getting your account certified, we continuously monitor your account for changes and additional requirements, promptly addressing any gaps we find. Our team will update your policies and certificates and submit data and logs to ensure you stay compliant. 

Challenges of Self-Management

  • Wasted Time: Often we see clients submit safety programs that aren’t written to the required specifications, resulting in a time-consuming process of uploading and re-uploading modules and waiting for multiple rounds of reviews.
  • Confusion: Complicated questions in client questionnaires lead to incorrect answers, resulting in irrelevant and unnecessary compliance requirements in Avetta. If Avetta identifies any gaps in compliance, you’ll need to address these by implementing corrective actions, which could involve updating policies, improving safety protocols, or obtaining additional certifications, taking you back to square one.
  • Over-Sight: Monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting and renewal processes get forgotten or are due during an especially busy time. Reports go missing, and renewals get accidentally skipped, which can keep you off of a job site in the middle of a project.
  • Missed Opportunities: Non-compliance notices get lost in the shuffle of day-to-day work. An acceptance from your client on your safety scorecard turns into a failing grade. This leads to disqualification from work resulting in lost time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

This can depend on whether you are a brand new subscriber to Avetta and also on who your Hiring Client(s) are, but most of the time we get our clients compliant and ready to get on the job in a week or less.

Yes! We have many years of experience working with all safety compliance systems and can manage multiple accounts as part of a full-service assistance package tailored to your needs. Contact us today for a custom quote.

There are many factors that determine the cost of being fully certified with Avetta. The primary factor is that Avetta charges per client connection. As we help you get logged in, we’ll be able to walk you through the breakdown of each cost that is in your Avetta account.

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