Veriforce-Compliant Safety Programs Made in Minutes

In today’s dynamic industrial landscape, where manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, mining, and facility management sectors face ever-evolving safety challenges, our safety plan software helps any business meet the Veriforce safety standards that are being asked of them.
Our custom saftey program builder is direct and effective, designed to enhance your necessary safety plans with clear, actionable strategies. It focuses on improving workplace safety, ensuring Veriforce compliance, and minimizing risks. Adopting our Veriforce safety programs means investing in a safer, more efficient operation.
We offer a solution that meets your specific challenges, helping protect your employees and exemplify safety excellence. Partner with us to prioritize safety and maintain productivity in your business.

Veriforce Benchmarks

Why trust us with your Veriforce compliance? We’re dedicated to satisfying Veriforce’s benchmarks by carefully structuring our safety programs to their standards, ensuring your workplace safety makes the grade. We developed our manuals and protocols to meet Veriforce’s specific guidelines, so we guarantee they’ll be approved.

Logo for Veriforce to show clients that Safety Procedure Systems offers Veriforce compliant Safety Programs.

Time is Money

You have plenty of things to do – developing a safety program shouldn’t be one of them. Our user-centric approach simplifies getting Veriforce compliant. Our manuals and step-by-step guides are designed for busy professionals, seamlessly integrating into your routine without causing disruptions. Safety Procedure Systems’ safety manual builder lets you instantly build your safety manual from a list of more than 400 available safety topics.

Safety program chapters that Safety Procedure Systems offer for their Veriforce-certified safety plans.

Full Support Along the Way

When you build your safety program online with Safety Procedure Systems’ easy-to-use software, you’ll have access to training documents, modules, and more that all meet Veriforce safety standards. Drag and drop to create your manuals in as little as 30 minutes. Looking for a complete turnkey solution to Veriforce compliance? We offer full-service support packages as well. Call today and let us handle the rest of getting you Veriforce compliant.

Customer service team providing system support to build safety program that meets Veriforce standards.

Custom HSE Program

+ access to training documents and forms
$ 800
  • includes updates for a year

Why Safety Procedure Systems?


You don't need to wait days or even weeks to get your safety manual ready to go. You can build your comprehensive, compliant safety manual in just minutes. Incorporate your company's name and logo for a polished, professional look that reflects your commitment to safety. Once created, your safety manual is immediately available for download in PDF or Word, making it easy to distribute and implement across your organization.


We understand that staying compliant means staying up-to-date. That's why we give you the flexibility to modify your manual whenever your business needs change. Need to add a new safety topic? No problem – log in, update your selections, and you'll be on your way again in no time. We also notify you whenever there are updates to the topics you've selected, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date information.


With an extensive selection of pre-written safety programs covering a wide array of topics, you can customize your safety manual to your unique business needs. All of our pre-written safety modules are meticulously designed to meet OSHA, ISN®, Avetta, and Veriforce standards, giving you the confidence that your safety manual is not only comprehensive but also compliant.