ISN® Certification Cost

What will obtaining an ISN® certification cost your business?

ISN® Certification Cost in 2023

If your business is a contractor or supplier that is being required by a client to get certified in ISN/ISNetworld® and you’re new to the network, there are some upfront and ongoing costs you will want to be aware of. To get certified in ISN as a contractor or supplier, you will be required to first set up an ISNetworld® account for your business, for which ISNetworld® charges an initial setup fee and an annual membership fee.

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How Does ISNetworld Calculate Membership Costs?

The cost of membership for ISNetworld varies depending on what country your business operates in. For contractors and suppliers, membership is tier-based and depends on the number of employees your business has. To determine what tier your business will belong to, you will calculate the average number of employees your business had over the last three years.

There is a set-up fee and an annual fee for maintaining your business membership in the ISNetworld network. If you allow your membership to lapse, ISNetworld charges a separate one-time fee to reactive an expired membership. Because of this, it’s almost always easier and less costly to maintain your membership once you’ve started. 

How can I get started with ISNetworld Certification?

Certification in ISNetworld begins with getting your membership account set up in ISNetworld. After set up, there are tasks and hurdles you’ll need to clear to be certified as compliant in ISNetworld and qualified for work. If you’re unsure where to begin or feeling stuck, Safety Procedure Systems can help – contact us today. We have helped hundreds of businesses and can take you step-by-step through the requirements in ISNetworld.

For details on the different tiers and costs for ISNetworld in the United States and Canada, reference the below tables.

ISNetworld Membership Tiers for 2023 in the United States

NOTE: All costs listed in the below table are in United States Dollars (USD).

Number of EmployeesSetup FeeAnnual FeeTotal First-Year Cost
1 (Single Person Entity)$170$800$970
2 to 4 Employees$190$900$1,090
5 to 9 Employees$250$1,200$1,450
10 to 19 Employees$450$2,200$2,650
20 to 24 Employees$550$2,825$3,375
25 to 49 Employees$850$4,250$5,100
50 to 99 Employees$975$4,825$5,800
100 to 149 Employees$1,350$6,750$8,100
150 to 249 Employees$1,450$7,050$8,500
250 to 499 Employees$1,800$10,200$12,000
500 to 999 Employees$2,200$14,800$17,000
1,000 to 2,499 Employees$2,500$22,500$25,000
2,500 or more Employees$3,500$27,700$31,200

ISNetworld Membership Tiers for 2023 in Canada

NOTE: All costs listed in the below table are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Number of EmployeesSetup FeeAnnual FeeTotal First-Year Cost
1 (Single Person Entity)$190$950$1,140
2 to 4 Employees$220$1,100$1,320
5 to 9 Employees$300$1,450$1,750
10 to 19 Employees$480$2,500$2,980
20 to 24 Employees$600$3,200$3,800
25 to 49 Employees$900$4,700$5,600
50 to 99 Employees$1,050$5,500$6,550
100 to 149 Employees$1,400$7,550$8,950
150 to 249 Employees$1,500$7,800$9,300
250 to 499 Employees$2,000$11,500$13,500
500 to 999 Employees$2,400$17,000$19,400
1,000 to 2,499 Employees$3,000$25,500$28,500
2,500 or more Employees$4,000$31,000$35,000

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