4 Tips for Maintaining Situational Awareness

It seems now more than ever, we need to be aware of our safety at all times.  Situational awareness is being aware of what is happening around you and whether or not your safety and health could be in jeopardy.  It’s easy to ignore strange happenings around you or focus only on what you are doing.  Not taking the opportunity to assess the hazards or potential hazards around you can be detrimental.  Here are four tips on maintaining your situational awareness.

Be Mindful

Be mindful by looking around and taking in the environment.  Take note of the number of people and evacuation routes.  Depending on where you are, look for first aid or medical assistance locations.  Never place yourself in an area you can’t easily escape.  Find the location of the police or security in case you need help later.  Don’t bury yourself in your phone.  Engage your mind and take in your surroundings.

Look for Hazards

As you look around, check for hazards that exist and hazards that have the potential to exist.  Obvious hazards should be reported or mitigated right away.  Avoid potential hazards such as overly rowdy people at social gatherings.  Never put yourself in the middle of a hazardous situation.

Assess the Hazards

Consider the effects the hazards will have on you or the people around you.  Think about how you will react in potentially hazardous situations.  Map out the exit routes for escape and plan how you will protect yourself.  If, after assessing the hazards, you don’t feel safe, just leave.

Manage Your Situation

Again, if you don’t feel safe, remove yourself from the situation.  It is always best to avoid trouble than to deal with the damage done.  If you have the proper training, help others as needed.

Always keep your safety and the safety of those around you in mind.  Make a point to be aware of what’s going on around you and avoid distractions.

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Amber Hebert

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