4 Tips to Keep in Mind for Safety During the July 4th Holiday

July 4th is a day set aside to celebrate Independence Day in the United States.  People celebrate during the holiday in different ways.  Some people visit family, some grill outside or set off fireworks in the evening, or watch local professional fireworks shows.  There can be many dangers to be cautious of during these celebrations.  Here, I give you four tips to keep in mind for safety during the July 4th holiday.

Tip #1:  Drive Safely

Visiting family during holidays can be taxing in many ways, and getting into a car accident can add tremendous stress to an already stressful situation.  Consider that there will be additional traffic due to the holiday and plan accordingly.  Give yourself extra time so you aren’t in a rush.

Have your car checked by a mechanic regularly to ensure it is ready for an extended trip.  Check your tires routinely when stopped during rest breaks.

Lastly, don’t set yourself up for disaster by driving long distances without stopping.  Get out and stretch regularly.

Tip #2:  Use Caution in the Extreme Heat

Those of us in the South are familiar with the extreme heat of the summer.  During holiday events, some may throw caution to the wind and forget the harmful effects of the heat.  Stay hydrated, especially when drinking alcohol.

If you’re out swimming or lounging by the pool, use sunblock as often as necessary.  No one likes a sunburn!

When grilling, use caution around the grill and with children near the hot grill.  No one likes a grill burn!

Keep an eye on each other while enjoying the weather to keep your loved ones safe and healthy.

Tip #3:  Pop Fireworks Responsibly

Along with New Year’s, July 4th is a time for celebrating with fireworks.  In the right hands, fireworks are beautiful and awe-inspiring.  In the wrong hands, they are very dangerous and can cause significant injury or even death.

Children should not handle fireworks beyond their ability to control the hazards.  Teach children the proper handling of fireworks and safety precautions before allowing them to light fireworks.

If fireworks are allowed in your neighborhood, be courteous to your neighbors.  Pick up after your celebration and stop popping fireworks at a respectful time.  Of course, use additional caution when alcohol is involved in the celebration.

Tip #4:  Situational Awareness in Large Gatherings

We’ve all seen the news stories about the negative events that can happen at large gatherings.  This trouble can be difficult to predict, so being aware of what’s going on around you can help you be prepared in times of trouble.

Take a moment to assess where you are and where the exits are.  Look around for any possible hazards that can be corrected or avoided.  Stay in control of your faculties in case of emergency.  Lastly, if the situation feels unsafe, make corrections, or leave.

Everyone wants to enjoy and celebrate Independence Day and go home safety at the end of the celebration.  Have a good time with safety in mind!

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Amber Hebert

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