An Overview of Veriforce® Requirements

Veriforce® is required by many clients but there are benefits to Veriforce® compliance for companies also.  With safety in mind, Veriforce® covers many topics that help companies stay on track to meet safety goals.  Here, I give an overview of Veriforce® requirements.

Company Questionnaire:

Because each company is different, your specific company questionnaire needs to stay up to date. Within this section you will find your company specific information. This includes the selected services your company provides. The services you select will trigger further requirements in the questionnaire. These requirements include safety statistics, service specific programs, training questions, and client specific questions and insurance requirements. Maintaining the Company Questionnaire section will certainly aid in keeping a positive grade. Once this section is complete, you will be able to certify it with a Completion Certification.


The Reporting section is another important section. Your clients will request safety statistics specific to them on a monthly and/or quarterly basis. This is also where any OSHA violations will be shown. Not only does this section need to be completed regularly, but your safety stats should also stay in the positive.

Program Reviews:

The Program Reviews section often can be difficult to manage. Different written safety programs are required here, depending on the provided services you selected for your company. The written safety programs required are dependent on client requests and OSHA standards. These programs must cover these requirements down to specific wording. They are also reviewed at designated intervals and must pass approval. Missing or rejected programs will certainly lower your grade.

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