Client Grade in ComplyWorks®: How to Keep It Positive

If your company is required by your clients to use ComplyWorks®, you know how important it is to keep a good client grade in ComplyWorks®.  A negative grade can cause your company to lose business.  A positive grade can make you stand out among your competition.  In this blog, I provide details on how to keep your grade positive.

The main topics covered here are Corporate Questionnaire and Corporate Compliance.

Your Corporate Questionnaire Impacts Your Client Grade in Complyworks®

Because each company is different, your specific company questionnaire must remain up to date.  This section contains a large amount of information that is required.  This includes company-specific details, safety statistics, insurance information, and written safety programs.  This is also where your annual safety statistics update will be added.  Not only does this section need to be completed regularly, but your safety stats should also stay in the positive.

Your Corporate Compliance Section Impacts Your Client Grade in ComplyWorks®

The Corporate Compliance section is another important section.  This is where you will find your status with your connected customers, along with customer policies, bulletins, and orientations.  Oftentimes, these bulletins must be marked as read or accepted.  Also, your employees may need to complete an orientation before going to a customer site.  Further in this section, you will find more detailed information on your customer requirements, including your selected work types.

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