4 Reasons Why Contractor Compliance is Necessary

Contractor compliance through companies like ISNetworld®, Avetta®, and Veriforce® has become commonplace in a variety of industries.  These industries range from oil and gas to construction and even carpeting suppliers.  Why has contractor compliance become such a big deal?  I will explain four reasons here.

Safety Culture

The main goal of the contractor compliance sites is for companies to provide their safety statistics and efforts to prevent injuries and illnesses.  On these sites, companies are graded based on their safety compliance in addition to other requirements.  If your company has a stellar record of safety, it will stand out to clients above competitors because it represents that your company has an effective safety culture.

Compliance Wins Jobs

If a company has a record of safety incidents, it will be at the bottom of the list for winning jobs or projects.  For safety-minded clients, contractors that only provide sufficient service won’t cut it anymore.  In addition to doing a good job, contractors must prove their company is doing all they can to keep their employees safe.  No client wants to be on the news because of a major incident on their site, even if it wasn’t caused by their own employees.  Keeping a good grade on the contractor compliance sites will put your company ahead of the rest to win jobs.

Meet Industry Requirements

Many industries have industry-specific requirements.  In all of the contractor compliance sites, companies must choose their work type.  The specific requirements are triggered once the work type is chosen.  Companies that do electrical work may have NFPA requirements.  Trucking companies may have DOT requirements and mining companies will have MSHA requirements.  These contractor compliance sites help to build the programs needed to meet these industry requirements.

Satisfy OSHA Requirements

Along the same lines as industry requirements, the majority of companies in the US have to meet OSHA requirements.  There are basic OSHA requirements that must be met by most companies and service-specific OSHA requirements.  These requirements range from fall protection to jackhammer safety to infectious disease control.  Again, these contractor compliance sites help to build the programs needed to meet these OSHA requirements.

The bottom line is clients require contractor compliance.  If you want your company to win work and stand out as a safe company, you must be compliant.  If it sounds like a lot of work to stay compliant, contact us to take the burden off you. 

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Amber Hebert

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