How To Submit a Safety Plan to ISNetworld

Submitting an ISN safety plan involves several key steps to ensure compliance with ISNetworld® requirements. Here’s a simplified guide to help you through the process:

1. Account Setup and Information Gathering: Before you can submit anything, you need to create an account on ISNetworld®. Once your account is established, gather all relevant company information. This includes safety manuals, insurance documents, OSHA 300 and 300A forms for the last three years, and Experience Modification Rate (EMR) letters from your workers’ compensation insurance.

2. Insurance Verification: Carefully review and submit your certificates of insurance. Ensure all details such as company names, addresses, and policy information are accurate and meet the specific requirements listed by ISNetworld®. It’s often beneficial to allow your insurance agent to handle the upload of these documents directly into the system.

3. Safety Program Submission: You’ll need to provide a comprehensive safety program tailored to the services your company offers and the specific needs of your clients. This should include detailed written procedures for all operational safety aspects.

4. Complete the Management Safety Questionnaire (MSQ): The MSQ is a critical component that can contain a wide range of questions based on your clients and the services you provide. It’s important to answer these questions accurately to reflect your safety practices and compliance.

5. Training Verification: If applicable, provide documentation proving that your employees have undergone all required training programs specified by your hiring clients. This documentation should include details like training dates, contents, and signatures from attendees and trainers.

6. Review and Verification Services (RAVS®): Before submission, review your safety program again to ensure it meets all ISNetworld® standards and requirements. You might find it helpful to employ a safety consultant or use specialized services that can assist in preparing and verifying your compliance documents.

7. Submit and Monitor: Once all documents and answers are ready and verified, submit them through your ISNetworld® account. After submission, it’s crucial to regularly monitor your account to ensure ongoing compliance and address any feedback or additional requirements from ISNetworld®.

8. Await Review: ISNetworld® will review your submitted information and safety programs. This review process can take a few weeks, during which your compliance status will be updated based on their findings.

9. Ongoing Compliance: Maintaining your ISNetworld® compliance is an ongoing process. Regular updates, continuous monitoring, and re-submission of certain documents like insurance and safety records are essential to keep your status current and accurate.

If you find the process overwhelming, we can help. Here at Safety Procedure Systems, we specialize in ISNetworld® compliance. Our professionals can provide complete full-service assistance, ensuring that your submissions are complete and compliant, potentially saving you time and improving your compliance scores.

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