Upload Programs in Veriforce® in 5 Easy Steps

If your company has ever used Veriforce®, you are aware of the impact written programs have on your client grades.  Do you know how to easily upload programs in Veriforce® to meet requirements?  In this blog, I will present step-by-step instructions on uploading programs.

Step 1:  Divide your Safety Manual into Chapters

First, take each chapter of your safety manual and divide it into individual chapters as a PDF.  By doing this, the process for uploading chapters and answering the required questions will be easier.

Step 2:  Locate the Required Programs

On the left side menu, choose “Program Reviews.”  This will bring up the list of programs required by your clients based on your type of work.  The status will show if a program has been accepted, or rejected, or if it still needs to be uploaded.  Any responses from the Veriforce® Verification Specialist can be found in the comments section.

Step 3:  Review the Questions and Upload the Programs

Click on the program topic that needs to be uploaded.  You will see a list of questions specific to that topic.  Your safety program must meet the exact requirements.  Click on the first question to begin.

To access the remainder of the questions, you must answer “Yes” to the initial question on whether or not your company has a written program on that topic.  If you answer “No”, it will be rejected.

Click on each question for more details.  The details will include a reference to where the requirement originated.  You must answer “Yes” to each question as you go through then upload the topic’s chapter by choosing “Add Documentation”.

If you have previously uploaded the chapter, you will see it listed and do not need to upload it again.  If you need to upload a new chapter, click to upload it or drag and drop the PDF.

Step 4:  Select the Section that Answers the Question

For each question, the specific section or paragraph within your written program has to be selected.  This points the Veriforce® Verification Specialist to the exact location of the section, thereby speeding up the process for approval.

Once selected, choose “Save Selection”, and repeat for all other questions under the chosen topic.

Step 5:  Submit the Final Program

Once all of the questions are answered, you can submit the program by clicking “Submit Program” on the upper right corner.

It will take the Veriforce® Verification Specialist time to review each answer and approve or reject the program.  If your program is rejected, the reasons will be listed in the comment section.  You can also comment in this section if you need more information from the Verification Specialist.

Missing a Safety Program?

If you’re missing a safety program needed to meet Veriforce’s requirement, contact us at Safety Procedure Systems for a custom-built written program guaranteed to pass Veriforce® verification.  Forms and training documents that meet requirements are also available.

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