Upload RAVs® to ISNetworld® in 5 Steps

If your company has ever used ISNetworld® (ISN®), you are aware of the impact RAVs® have on your client grades.  If you need an explanation on RAVs®, read my other blog “What are RAVs in ISNetworld®“.

Do you know how to easily upload your written programs to meet RAVs® requirements?  In this blog, I outline step by step instructions on uploading programs.

Step 1:  Divide your safety manual into chapters

First, divide each chapter of your safety manual into individual chapters in PDF format.  By doing this, the process of uploading chapters and answering the required questions will be easier.

Note: Safety manuals purchased from Safety Procedure Systems will automatically be provided as both a complete safety manual and as individual chapters, all in PDF format ready for upload.

Step 2:  Locate the RAVs® section

You can find the RAVs® section of ISNetworld® at the bottom of the left-side menu or the home page to-do list menu.  If your account requires an upload, an orange dot will be next to the requirement.

On the left side menu choose Review & Verification (RAVs®) > Written Program RAVs® > Submit Written Programs.

Step 3:  Select the written program to be uploaded

You should now see a list of the written programs required for your company.  This list is generated by the work types selected.

Click on the status for each topic to access the list of questions.

Step 4: Answer Questions

Answer the initial question asking if you have a written program.  Always answer “yes” so the additional questions will be displayed.

Second, answer each additional question “yes” and enter the page number range.  For example, if your program chapter is two pages long, answer “1-2”.  The notes section is optional.

Finally, be sure to click the save button.

Step 5: Upload your Program Chapter

Next, click on the “Upload Document Tab”.

Click “Yes, Submit New Program” then either navigate to upload your document or drag and drop it.

Be sure to click “Upload” then “Submit”.

Don’t have a written safety program that meets the requirement?

Contact us at Safety Procedure Systems for a custom-built written program we guarantee will pass ISNetworld® verification.  Forms and training documents that meet RAVs® requirements are also available.

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